Euchre Tuesday 7.19.16 and Friday Dinner 7.22.16

A young and brave hunter from the Trenta Valley fell in love with a beautiful girl and managed to win her heart by bringing her beautiful flowers. However, one day a rich merchant from Venice came by and tried to gain her attention by giving her golden jewellery and dancing with her. The young hunter, filled with jealosy, left that very night to find the ledgendary goat that lived on the Triglav mountain and even take a piece of its golden horn to claim as his treasure along with his beloved. In the morning, The hunter found the animal, shot it and pursued it. The blood gushing from Zlatorog’s wound melted the snow and up sprang a magical Triglav rose. The goat nibbled on a few petals and was instantly restored to his former self. As the gold horned goat leapt away, roses sprang up from under his hooves, luring the hunter onto higher and higher ground. But as they climbed, the sun caught Zlatorog’s shiny horns. The hunter was blinded, lost his footing and plunged into a gorge. In his fury at a mortal causing such harm, Zlatorog carved his way through the Triglav Lakes Valley, leaving it as it looks today. He left the area with the White Ladies, never to return.
The hunter’s love waited in vain for him to return home. As spring approached, the snow began to melt, swelling the Soca River. One day it brought her a sad gift: the body of her lover, his lifeless hand still clutching a Triglav rose.

Shuffle the deck this Tuesday and see what Lady Luck has in store for the next game of Euchre. Tapped beer along with cocktail and our regular menu available for purchase.

Friday’s special will be Sausage, Potatoes, Carrots and Cabbage in a Crock Pot ( no really that’s the name) with cornbread made by Evelyn Collins